FAQ About Wood Ridge Assisted Living

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living provides seniors with just the right amount of assistance to allow him or her to maintain their independence - all within the comforts of a home-like setting. Assisted living provides a personalized alternative for seniors who need more assistance in their lives, but do not require the full-time attention associated with costly nursing homes or personal in-home care.

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What is the move-in process?

  • Prospective resident and/or family visits and tours facility.
  • If tentatively interested, prospective resident is assessed for appropriate level of care.
  • Prospective resident then selects his/her apartment.
  • Rental rate is determined and agreed upon.
  • Move-in packet is presented to the family or responsible party, including the admission agreement and the physician's report.
  • Before resident is admitted, all documents must be completed and delivered to Administrator.
  • Any medications are brought to the Health Services Director prior to moving in.
  • Move-in date is established.
  • Family member(s) or responsible party meets with Administrator to go over and sign administrative documents.
  • Resident must turn in their ID/Insurance/SS card prior to move-in.
  • Resident Care Assessment and Planning.
  • An initial level of care is established prior to the resident moving in.
  • The Care staff carefully monitors the resident during the year to determine if his/her care level has changed.
  • The family or responsible party will be kept informed of any observed changes on an ongoing basis.
  • If the resident is assessed at a higher or lower level, their rental rate will be adjusted accordingly after a discussion with the family and resident.
  • After a year from the resident's admission date, a Care Plan Conference will be organized.
  • The purpose of this conference is to go over the resident's care, involving Dining Service and Activities staff to prepare a comprehensive Care Plan for each resident.
Apartment and move-in process

  • Monthly rental rates. No long term leases.
  • Rates depend on level of care assessment and choice of apartment. (Please call community for current rates)
  • Personal bathroom, kitchenette, individual heat and air controls.
  • Family or shared room discounts always available.
  • No "Add On" costs. Food, utilities, housekeeping, etc., covered with rent.
  • Care plans are updated quarterly or as needed with resident and family input.
Is there a buy-in? Do I have to sign a lease?

There is no buy-in. Wood Ridge Assisted Living offers a flexible month-to-month lease. The only move-in fee is a one-time, non-refundable community fee of $500 which is due upon move-in.

Can I keep the same doctor?

Yes. At Wood Ridge Assisted Living, we encourage continuity in relationships with all healthcare providers and will assist in making appointments and arranging for transportation. If needed, our staff will assist in contacting a new healthcare provider.

Are Pets allowed?

We understand the time-tested connection people have to their pets. Therefore, we do allow pets as long as the resident is able to care for them or arrangements have been made with an outside service to care for the pet. We accept most small pets, and charge a nominal monthly fee to house the pet.